OXEN 太歲 驚天 劍鋒 破碎 華蓋 Jupiter Influx God
The direct offenders. Mobility will be obstructed and affairs will turn inside out. If there's no disaster there will be misfortune. In order to keep the peace, besides carrying the Jupiter Influx talisman pictured (bottom right), one should have a consecrated urn devoted to a main Taoist Deity (i.e; The God of the Year) and on every new & full moon, every seventh lunar day, ones' own lunar birthday and a few additional dates, one should worship the God of the Year with a consecrated urn, three sticks if incense, a pair of candles three cups of tea and four kinds of fruits along with the "sticking" Jupiter Influx talisman and recite the Jupiter Influx Incantation. But don't forget the Geomancy in your abode must be correct. For full details on how and when to perform the rituals, become a member.

年運本不俗 This year is good
衣食甚豐足。 only because you will not want for food & clothing. 但 However
太歲 The Sword The God of the Year
當頭坐 is sitting on your head,
無災恐有禍 If there's no disaster there will be misfortune,
須防不測事 So you must watch out for unexpected things,
但不應疑心過重 but at the same time you cannot be overly suspicious,
以免煩心。in this way you can avoid vexation.
再逢 But you're still to encounter the

Sword Star 星臨 descending,
慎防意外損傷 more reason to watch out for unexpected injuries,
勿與人爭執 don't argue with people
處事忌露鋒芒 act not sharp,
則可無憂。and in this way you may be without grief.
加上 But on top of that, there's still
The Wrath of Heaven 占宮
Scary Heaven 恐有小人背後惹生是非 I'm afraid there'll be low lifes provoking scandal & discord
凡事不應強出頭 in all matters one shouldn't come out strongly,
退一步海闊天空。Take one step backwards~the sea is wide and the sky is empty
Jupiter Influx Talisman
正月初九或十五,每月初一,十五,本身生日 so on the 9th day of the first lunar month or
the first full moon and your lunar birthday keep a veggy diet and perform
宜安奉太歲星君 rituals to the God of the Year on every new & full moon in and also carry the
360° Protection talisman whenever you leave your abode. order to keep your family safe,
以保合家平安大吉。 sound and auspicious. Finally, dont forget to make sure that your abode is Geomantically sound.

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