福德 卷舌 天德 攀鞍 寡宿 cemetary god
福德正神入宮 The Lucky Virtue Earth God enters your palace
萬事吉祥 All things auspicious

小破財無傷大雅 a small financial loss wont matter much
留意盜賊 keep one's eyes open for robbers and bandits
小心遺失 be careful not to lose things
而且不利合營投資。furthermore, don't go into joint investments
幸得 Fortunately you will get
相助 Clamber Saddle star's help
按部而進 When you have control of the troops, then advance
順水行舟 when the boat flows in the direction of the stream
一帆風順。that's smooth sailing.
但事業略遇阻力 But undertakings will encounter some obstructions
防上級特勢欺壓。 guard against bullying and oppression from a particular higher level
兼有 combined with that is the


Twisting Tongue & Widow's Lodge
星臨stars descend on you
防小人口角生煩 so you must watch out for low lifes using their mouths to start trouble
勿管閒事 (unlike them) don't get involved with other peoples affairs
度量寬宏 Be magnanimous
小心謹慎 and be cautious
自可安泰 in this way you may attain harmonious peace
然而男怕孤時女怕寡宿 However males fear isolation and females fear becoming a widow
女士姻緣怕較差。 females fear the conjugal felicity becoming mediocre
喜逢 Happily you shall encounter
天德、福德 Heavenly Virtue & Lucky Virtue stars (The Heavenly Virtue Star Lord is a form of Clearing Star which assists ones self to eliminate any form of Negative Forces. Once The Heavenly Virtue Star Lord detects any form of Negative Forces that are dashing towards ones self, He will take action before the Forces crash onto ones self). 值此多安寧 On duty for more peace
一年滔滔順 One year of torrential smooth sailing
添財又添丁。Mo' money & more babies


如有不足事 Therefore what you should do is
可用農曆每月初一,初二,十五,十六早晚敬拜福德正神包含頭牙二月初二尾牙,尾牙十二月十六日。 be sure to respectfully worship the Lucky Virtue Earth God every month in the morning and evening on the new moon, the day after the new moon, the full moon and the day after the full moon as well as the second day of the second day of the second new moon and the sixteenth day of the twelth moon. Additionally on 正月初十、二月初十、三月初十、四月初十、五月初十 the tenth day of the first through fifth moons.
Therefore to keep the peace one should carry a 360° talisman whenever leaving the abode and finally make sure your abode is geomantically sound (aka the Feng-Shui is auspicious).
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