RATS 太陽 天空 劫殺 紅鸞 Sun God
天空星占宮 Will be impacted by the "Empty Sky" and Solar Flares
休管他人事 So keep your nose out of other peoles affairs
莫爭口舌之非 don't engage in arguements
自免是非破財 thusly avoiding financial disaster
關累事項 and implicated financial incidents
女人犯此年須防色情 This year woman should guard against sex
夫妻反睦 and there will be squabbles amongst married couples
出外有財利吉。 (but) outside there is auspcious fortune.

太陽 The Sun
原是火鳳凰 is originally flaming male & female Pheonixes
男命逢之喜洋洋 This year the males will be in high spirits
人形極佳 with excellent form
財喜臨門 financial happiness descends onto your doorway.
出門謀營有利。 outside your door your plans will be profitable.
才華進展 You will make progress with your talent
芒鋒畢露 with abilities on the cutting edge
但勿高傲自满。 But don't get arrogant and/or complacent.
天空星 Empty Heaven Star and
劫煞星robbery and killing Killer Omen Star
侵害 encroaching upon you for harm
The Empty Heaven Star wants to empty your pockets
切莫沈迷賭博 So on no account should you indulge in gambling
提防詐騙 Beware of swindles
凡事需加倍謹愼 and in all matters caution must be redoubled
In this way one can avoid failing to complete building a mound for lack of one final basket of dirt
Ladies must take note of family harmony
幸得 Fortunately the

Red Pheonix
星照 star shines on you
不現婚嫁現財喜 Unmarried ones should marry (as long as there are sufficient funds)
但女士需防桃花劫 But females should beware of the "Peach Blossun Plunder"
紅鸞 潔身自愛 Keep your body clean and have self-respect
可免煩惱 and you may be able to avoid vexation.
Therefore, in order to keep the peace,
最好每月農曆逢廿七日晝間,on the twenty-seventh day (while the sun is shining) of every moon (lunar month) this year as well as
二月一日 the second lunar new moon
三月十九日 the 19th day of the 3rd lunar month and
十一月十九日 the 19th day of the 11th lunar month
向東方叩拜太陽星君, one should face East and worship the Sun God
將天空符和金紙燒化,即保平安。 First prepare the gold/silver paper and the Firmament talisman, proceed by lighting incense in a consecrated urn with 3 long incense sticks,
1) Five Oranges 桔子
2) Longevity Noodles 壽麵
Longevity Noodles
Longevity Peach

3) Longevity Peaches 壽桃 (made of flour in the shape of a peach) Turtle cake

4) Red tortoise cake 紅龜粿 (a pastry with a "shell" made from red glutonous rice)

5) Sponge cake 發糕

6) King pastry 大碰餅
King cake
7) 3 cups of Rice Wine 米酒
8) 3 cups of Chinese Tea 茶 9) Paper Offerings 金紙
firmament talisman 10) I pair of Candles 蠟燭. Then execute the 3 kneels & 9 kowtow's.
Then recite the 太陽星君寶誥 Sun God's Praise Incantation. After about 20 minutes, retrieve the Gold/silver Paper-offerings and transform them together with the Firmament Talisman. Once the Paper-offerings are transformed, go back to the Altar, make another sincere Bow and then retrieve back the food Offerings, bring them back home and share with the other members in the Family. And so, the whole Paying Respect to Lord of the sun is considered finished.
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