HOGS 喪門 地雉 地喪 災煞 Earth Mourning

喪門入宮,主孝服 will be visited by the Mourning Star
損財 finances will be injured
不吉之事。 all things unauspicous.
不利探病 Don't visit the ill
送喪休看 don't even watch funeral processions (meaning don't visit the house of those in mourning, don't eat any food from funerals, and don't visit the sick).
以免受災禍。 thusly avoiding disaster.
避者吉也。 The best course of action is to hide (and practice)
宜用喪門符制凶煞星,以保平安。 Therefore in order to keep the peace, one should always carry the Mourning Star talisman at all times. Furthermore one should perform the appropriate Taoist rituals on every new and full moon through out the year.

ELABORATION:Mourning Door God

喪門、地喪 The Mourning Star and Cemetary Stars attack

愼防自身或近親厄 Be very careful for adversity regarding yourself and your close relatives
尤其老人注意傳染病 Especially the elderly with transmission of contagious diseases
需及早治理 and you must do preventative administering early on
don't visit the bereaved to offer one's condolences, attend any funerals or be a pallbearer
勿入喪家 and do not enter any house of mourning
Disaster Omen 行喪莫看 don't even view any funeral processions
注意飲食 pay attention to what you eat and drink
作息有序 Work and rest will be regular
可保闔家安康 and may be able to maintain peace in the whole family
兼逢 Simultaneously the
Disaster Omen will enter your palace
恐有虛浮之象 There will be apperance of superficiality
雖有偏財降臨 although there will be money trickling down on the side
不要胡亂揮霍 do not casually squander
切勿過份投機 By no means should you be excessively opportunistic
以免入不敷出 thusly avoiding being unable to make ends meet

In conclusion, in order to have a more properous year, once your house is Geomanticaly correct you should carry the Mourning Talisman and the 360º Talisman and don't forget to do your new moon and full moon rituals (don't forget to be good either).
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