K-9s 太陰 勾絞 羊刃 天煞 龍池 Moon God
犯太陰星君 are offending the Moon God
作事恐有糾纏 so things you do will be nagged
男人且之有色情破財之憂 males will experience additonal grief due to being broke due to blowing money in pursuit of sex
並防家庭風波 and there will be family turmoil
每月廿六夜向西方叩拜犯太陰星君 therefore in order to keep the peace you must face West a bit before midnight and worship the Moon God on the eve of the 26th of every lunar month this year by using a consecrated urn with the standard 5 offerings, recite the Moon God Incantation and
將太陰符和金紙燒化,以保吉祥。 transform the Moon Goddess talisman along with the gold/silver paper for protection & auspiciousness.
Don't forget that the geomancy in your abode must be correct as well!

太陰 The Moon God is in so bitches will be in harmony and male dogs not so much.
一年大吉昌吉 This could be a very lucky year for K-9s!
東作西成就 with success from both sides
家計保安康 Family livlihood health ensured
狗女之家喜慶臨 Joy will descend on the house of the bitch
男士酒色莫沾身 Male dogs should refrain from being soaked with wine and women
人緣甚佳 Popularity will be excellent
但小破財無難免 but a small personal financial loss will be difficult to avoid
可惜辰逢丑年 but too bad your meeting the Ox year
相破不利 so your appraisals will be unfavorable
愼防家庭糾紛 Guard against family disputes
注意夫妻和睦 Pay attention to spousal harmony
On top of that, there's the

Slaughter Blade 羊刃

Slaughter Blade star entering your palace
容易衝動 therefore you will easily become impetuous
行事不顧後果 and will act regardless of the consequences
父子尤其易起衝突 especially father and son(s) conflicts will easily arise
但對執法人員和軍人特別有利 But for law enforcement personell and servicemen will be particularly favorable.
Futhermore, there's the appearance of

Slaughter Blade 天煞

Heaven's Wrath star
男易起衝突 Male dogs will easily clash
女防夫父病 Bitches should guard against the faults of the husband and/or father
Happily you meet the

Dragon Pond


Dragon Pond star which shines on you
樂觀進取 Optmistic and eager to make progress
洞察先機 able to see clearly decisive opportunity
力爭上游 striving for the best
聲舉日隆 thriving, reputation rising
名利雙收 both fame and fortune

勾絞 雖有 Although there's the


凶星臨 Twisting Hook evil star coming down on you
只須避免爭執 you only have to avoid disputes
防小人暗箭 watch out for mean people's hidden arrows,
休管他人事 don't concern yourself with other's affairs
可免是非破財 and you may avoid arguments about right & wrong & bankruptcy.

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