COCKS & CHICKS 五鬼 官符 三台 三合 天哭 指背 5 ghosts
五鬼星入命, will have the 5 Ghosts enter your life
有無故平地起風波之虞, when things are calm, for no reason there will be disturbances to be concerned about
故須愼防災, therefore one must guard against disaster
官符更須防, especially regarding legal issues
交友應注意, making friends, having lawsuits, jail, and bankruptcy.
不愼則招官訟,牢獄,破財之災。如能將五鬼符與替身焚化,五鬼自然運財到家。 To make friends with the 5 Ghosts and keep the peace, 'round midnight, recite the appropriate incantations, then transform a 5 Ghost talisman along with the gold/silver paper on every full moon of the year by using a consecrated urn dedicated to 中天三台星君 the 3 Star Lords San Tai aka
Saam Tòih Sīng Gwān (aka Orions Belt) with the standard 5 offerings. In fact it is these 3 Star Lords that can keep you in at least the third luckiest position (but only if you know how).


歲逢 This year for you the
三合 3 harmonies chart Win 3 Harmony influx is in
貴人相助 You will receive help from an honorable person or a high-ranking government official
財如春花發 money will be like flowers blossoming in the spring
喜似圓月明。happiness will be like the light of the full moon
本年則瑞氣祥和 This years norm will be auspicious and peaceful with propitious vapours
衣食無憂 There certainly wont be any concerns about food and clothing
雖有 Although there are the
Official Tally 官符、天哭
Heaven Weeps Official Tally & Heaven's Tears entering your palace
勿管他人閒事 Mind your own business
莫予人作保 Don't be anyone's guarantor or grant sponship to anyone
可免官非爭訟 then you may be able to avoid lawsuits and/or dispute involving litigation
凡事不應強出頭 so in all matters one should not forcefully come forward
退一步海闊天空 Retreat one step is as boundless as the sea and sky
又嫌 and then there's still the ill will of the
5 Ghosts & Back Jabber
侵擾 invading and harassing you
需防小人背後搬弄是非 so you must guard against low lifes sowing discord
不結黨合營 Do not form a clique or run any jointly operated enterprises
可免不必要之煩惱 then you may be able to avoid unnecessary annoyances
Happily you will attain the 3 Star Lords known as
3 star lords of Orion's BeltBack Jabber 三臺
Good Luck, Prosperity & Longevity
(alternately known as Alnitak, Alnilam and Mintaka)
照臨 are shinning down on you
事業順景 Undertakings will go swimmingly
宜進取出擊 It will be fitting forge ahead and make a sally
定有所成。and there will definately be success to some extent.

Saam Tòih, a Taoist astrology name for a group of stars that are situated near the 北斗星 Big Dipper. In other contexts, Saam Tòih is also known as
Tīn Chyúh
Sāam Gāai Sīng
Sāam Hàhn Sīng or
Sāam Kèih Sīng.
Their place in the Taoist Deities Group:
Saam Tòih Sīng, known as Saam Tòih Sīng Gwan (the 3 Star Lords), each has their own Official Titles:
(the 1st Star in the Group):
5 ghosts talisman
上台 虛精 開 德 星 君
Seuhng tòih hēui jīng hōi dāk sīng gwān
(the 2nd Star in the Group):
中台 六淳 司 空 星 君

Jūng tòih luhk sèuhn sī hūng sīng gwān

(the 3rd Star in the Group):
下台 曲生 司祿 星 君

Hah tòih kūk sāang sī luhk sīng gwān

Their tasks are as follows:
According to Spiritual Records and Taoist Scriptures, by paying respect to these 3 Star Lords, one self will be blessed with unlimited prosperities in the academic field &/or any mishaps that are predestinated in one’s lifetime will be eliminated.
Besides that,
Saam Tòih Sīng also assists the Big Dipper to control the movement of other Star Lords, etc. In some contexts, they are known as the 為世間三公之職 “Premiers” of the big Dipper Star group, which assists in the Life & Death Registration of Living Beings.

Therefore for best results, one should get a consecrated urn devoted to the 3 Star Lords and perform the appropritae rituals at the appropriatetimes as well as commit the 3 star Lords Sprititual incantation to memory. If you find yourseld getting sick be sure to have the appropriate talsiman ready. How & when? Become a member.

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