MONKIES 死符 小耗 月德 咸池 Virtue Moon

死符小耗入度 You will be faced with the "Death Tally" & "Small Consumption" omens
Small Consulmption 謂是賊神入宮 which means that the Theif God enters your palace
不利與人結黨合夥勾串事業 it will not be advantageous to form a clique or a partnership with people and other collusions
防之小手盜偷物 whatch out for theives
勿探病人 don't visit sick people
無中生有 yet from nothing, something is born
見屍恐致亡避忌為妙。 It will be wonderful if you don't view any corpses.


Death Tally 嶄露頭角,Outstanding talent to be revealed
有發揮機會,There will be an opportunity to develop (an idea, a theme, etc.)
但勿高傲自滿。But don't get arrogant ane self-satisfied
既有 as there exists the
小耗 Small Consumption
侵擾, influx invading and harassing you.
小破財無傷大雅,There will be a small financial loss which will not matter much.
留意盜賊,Look out for robbers and bandits.
小心遺失,Be careful about losing things.
不宜合營投資; It is inadvisable to go into jointly owned investments.
又有 Additionally there's the

Salty Pond 死符
Death Tally and
咸池 Salty Pond
占宮, influxes are in your astrological
小小心交友,palace so be careful with friendships and courtships
避免爭鬥,thusly averting fights.
勿貪酒色,Do not covet wine and women
還需注意健康,and you need to pay attention to your health
可保家庭和睖。then you will be able to protect your family.
妙逢月德貴人化解,Wonderfully due to the Virtuous Moon influx, you'll meet an honorable person
逢凶化吉,who will resolve and turn your ill luck into good
大吉大利,everything will be thriving.
貴人相助,you and the honorable person will help one another
萬事通達,all things will be understood
學有所成。and your studies will be successful to some extent.


Therfore one should control the evil star by taking the "Small Consumption" talisman and transform it with gold/silver paper, before the Ghost Festival thusly keeping the peace. Note: When you are transforming the talismen with the gold/silver paper, it should be with your own consecrated urn devoted to Laozi and don't forget that the Geomancy in your house must be correct as well! Alternatively, if your in the New Paltz New York area you can come to Ma Jou Miu Taoist Temple of the Ancestral Mother in person. Great Saint of All Heaven

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