(and ending on Monday Jan 31st, 2022) will be the
年牛金丑辛 / 年八十百七千四曆黃 / 年九零百二千七曆道
good ox
(Taoist Calendar Year 7209 or Lunar Calendar aka Huang Li Year 4718)
Depending on the direction you take &/or the geomantical directions of your abode *
and if you harmonize yourself with the Universal Tao, the Luck of the year shall be distributed in no particular order as follows:
Ox 太歲 驚天 劍鋒 破碎
Direct Collision Offense/Frightening Heavens/Sword Blade/Crush
Rat 太陽 天空 劫殺 紅鸞
Robbery & Killing/Unlucky Star vs. the Sun Lord + Red Lyùhn
Boar 喪門 地雉 地喪 災煞
Mourning Gate + Cemetery + Disastrous Omen
K-9 太陰 勾絞 羊刃 天煞 龍池 刑太歲
Slaughter Blade/Heaven's Wrath/Punishment Influx vs. the Moon Lord + Dragon Pond
Cock 五鬼 官符 三台 天哭 三合 指背
5 Ghosts/Hell Officers/Back Finger/Heaven Weeps vs. 3 Star Lords + Win 3
Monkey 死符 小耗 月德 咸池
Death Tally/Less Consumption/Salty Pond vs Moon Virtue
Goat 歲破 大耗 月恩 月煞 正沖太歲
Assault Influx/Moon Omen/Excessive Consumption vs. Moon Grace
Horse 龍德 天危 紫微 天喜 亡神 害太歲
Dragon's Virtue+Purple Star+Heavenly Happiness vs. Heavenly Danger Subjugation Injury
Snake 白虎 天雄 地殺 三合 將星 鳳閣
Killer Hanging Ground Jinx vs. Win 3/Star General/the Lucky Star + the Pheonix Pavilion
Dragon 福德 卷舌 天德 天福 攀鞍 破太歲
Jupiter Broke Influx/Twisting Tongues vs. Lucky Virtue+Heavenly Virtue+Clamber saddle
Bunny 天狗 八座 吊客 驛馬
Dog bites/Hanging Guest/Scant Lodge/Vicissitudes vs. 8 Sitting Stars + Post Horse
Tiger 病符 陌越 符凶 六合 息神
Sick Tally/Evil Spirit/Which Way/Cease God vs. E/W Transition + Win 6


General Lu Chao Star Lord

The ruling God of the Year is in charge of peoples blessings and misfortune. You've heard the phrase "King for a Day", this is "God for a Year". The various deities have their permanent positions, but the God of the Year position is the most influential for a particular year and thusly it is rotated annually amongst sixty celestial entities/Generals. The ancient ones said: "When the God of the Year sits on your head, if you don't go through a disaster, you will still experience misfortune." Those who offend the God of the Year, Celestial Gen. Yèuhng Seun 楊信星君 (see picture above center). For 辛丑 Sān Cháu Golden Ox Year, Oxen, Goats, Dogs, Horses and Dragons will have some serious issues with Celestial Gen. Yèuhng Seun 楊信星君. Furthermore Boars and Cocks will be victims of the Sky Dog and Jinx Star respectively as well. Children 12 and under & seniors 99 and above wont be affected by the Conflicts or Issues facing the Lord of the Golden Rat year and wont need the prescibed talismans.

。刑衝犯歲太與不皆 百欲歲虛者老 二十歲虛越不生童

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