SERPENTS 白虎 天雄 地殺 三合 將星 鳳閣 White Tiger god
白虎星入宮為害 The Jinx Star enters your palace for harm
恐傷人口 I'm afraid there will be injury
血光病難 the spilling of blood and disease
外傷 孝服及其他不測凶事 mourning dress and other accidental bad happenings
或有官事 or there will be court cases
或破財難免。 or bankruptcy will be difficult to avoid.
但有喜則可破災 But if there is an "happy occasion" (which means to get pregnant) it may be able to break the disaster
無喜百事來 If there is no "happy occasion" misfortunes will come
Therefore it would be appropriate to control and dissapate.


Currently there are no members born in the year of the Serpent so there will be no elaboration

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