Supernatural Power and Martial Arts
or Sun-kung and Kung-fu or Hung Fat and Loek Yum or Taoist Arts and the (Chinese) National Arts or Sahngung and Gungfu

Martial arts are martial arts and Supernatural power is supernatural power. But that Master Jai demonstrates the Hung Fut Bowl and Chopstick form doesn't mean that they weren't meant to go together. Both martial artists and spiritual cultivators should know that the 禪宗祖師 founder of Zen Buddhism and the founder of
少林祖師 Shaolin Kung-fu are one in the same person, namely 菩提達摩 Bodhidharma (or Tamo or Damo or Daatmo). It should be reasonably apparent that he knew both sungoong and gungfu. Feats such as levitation, etc are sungoong, not martial arts. In fact, Bodhidharma is a part of Loek Yum Sun Goong, as is apparent by looking at the Loek Yum altar. If one studies martial arts, one would just be extremely lucky to learn sun goong as well, as it would make one many times more powerful and give one the ability to heal. If one studies sun goong, one can defend one's self without martial arts and it is not required. However, as we currently exist inside of the bodies we have, it could only be advantageous to have as much control over our own bodies that we possibly can. So no matter which end you come from, the result is always going to be more power. If you come through the Door of Taoism and you want to learn martial arts as well, Master Jai is also a Master of Hung Fut Gung Fu.
The Hung Fut style of gung fu is most known for its esoteric forms such as the 四大跛拳 "Four Afflictions Style" which is represented by pseudo physical manifestations of being blind, deaf, dumb and crippled (one arm or a broken leg). Also seen in the film 殘缺 "Crippled Avengers". This style is also represented by pseudo emotional manifestations of being happy, sad, melancholy and mad (as seen in 笑拳怪招 "Fearless Hyena"). Hung Fut is also known for the "Drunken Eight Immortals Style". Hung Fut is also known for its esoteric weapons such as the 鐵筷金兜 "Gold Bowl and Iron Chopsticks" (pictured), the 算盤 abacus, 扇 fan, umbrella (this is my junior classmate 葉滿棠師傅 Master Yip Moon-tong in the video), 簫 flute, 鋤頭 hoe and 橫頭凳 bench amongst others...