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(Taai gihk daaih faat)

What is Supernatural Tai Chi? Pretty much every one on the planet has at least some notion of what 太極拳 Tai Chi Ch'uan (Taijiquan) is, which is some set of slow motion kung-fu type movements which is supposed to include some type of 內功 "internal power" and/or 氣功 Ch’i-kung or "breath control". Historically speaking, Tai Chi Chuan was invented by a person by the name of Zhang San-Feng as a form of martial arts & health practice for longevity. Supernatural Tai Chi has nothing to do with Tai Chi Ch’uan (Taiji quan). Supernatural Tai Chi is a type of talismanic Taoism. There must be an altar, incense must be lit and incantations must be uttered to invoke the spirits of Ma Jou, Lao Zi and/or whichever the particular spirit/energy is appropriate to be called upon at a particular time, etc. Ultimately achieving the "Diamond Body". With 3 years of constant practice, blade-proof skill can be achieved. The First level of practice currently being offered is a 2 month 12 class course and at the end of the course you will have the ability to heal bleeding wounds by waving your hand, dissolve bone in throat for choking victims by waving your hand, dissolve blood clots by waving your hand. Stop pain by waving your hand and several other applications, all by waving your hand (without touching).

Location: Undisclosed

Class #1 Sat. 01/16/2021
Class #2 Tue. 01/19
Optional Thu. 01/21
Optional Fri. 01/22
Class #3 Tue. 01/26
Optional Wed. 01/27
Class #4 Fri. 01/29
Optional Sun. 01/31
Optional Wed. 02/03
Class #5 Fri. 02/05
Class #6 Mon. 02/08
Optional Wed. 02/10
Optional Sat. 02/13
Class #7 Mon. 02/15
Optional Tue. 02/16
Class #8 Thu. 02/18
Optional Sat. 02/20
Optional Mon. 02/22
Class #9 Thu. 02/25
Class 10 Sun. 02/28
Optional Tue. 03/02
Optional Thu. 03/04
Optional Fri. 03/05
Optional Mon. 03/08
Class 11 Sun. 03/07
Class 12 Wed. 03/10
Final Test Sat 3/13

Course cost*: $100 per class or $1080 in advance (save $120)

Ma Jou Miu Taoist Temple is just that and as such, entry for specialized fields of study is not based on the ability or inability to pay the “school fee”, as it were. But rather, the prospective student must respectfully enter the temple and prostrated in front of the altar, the prospective student will use the sacred “Moon Crescents” to ask permission to learn the supernatural arts. So in case you feel that you don’t have enough money to make the suggested donation, don’t be discouraged because if Ma Jou accepts you, you will not be turned away.

Note: All may apply, but on average only one third of the applicants will be admitted. The discriminating eye shall prevail without prejudice.

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mailing address: PO BOX 165 Hurley, NY 12443-0165

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