a wedding Getting married is one of the most important ceremonies in life. Therfore selecting the right Wedding Officiant is important.

Ordained Taoist priest, Sifu Jai is available to perform weddings, vow renewals, commitment and affirmation ceremonies, funeral services, memorials, and other ceremonies that are customized to the preferences of those involved. Master Sifu Jai has been solemnizing marriages since 2001. For Master Sifu Jai to consider performing a wedding, required information must be submitted, such as birthdates and intended wedding date from the wedding couple in advance of the ceremony. This is because Master Jai wont perform a wedding cermony unless he beleives that marriage will be everlasting. He calculatea this by checking how both parties birthdays harmonize. What is not taken into account is age difference, racial yet another wedding difference, nationality difference or any other difference. The wedding date is taken into account because there are auspicious days for weddings as well as unauspicious days. Master Jai assists the couple in designing a ceremony that has meaning for them and may encourage the bride and groom to select readings, poems, songs, music, and vows that are distinctive. If the ceremony requires Sifu Jai to travel, the travel expenses and per diem are added onto the basic ceremony fee of $360.


Auspicious unions: Dragons, Monkeys & Oxen mixed marriage another wedding
Not compatible: Horses, Rabbits, & Goats

Auspicious unions: Rats, Snakes & Roosters
Not compatible: Horses, Goats, & Dogs

Auspicious unions: Horses & Dogs
Not compatible: Snakes & Monkeys

Auspicious unions: Goats, Dogs & Boars
Not compatible: Dragons & Rats

Auspicious Unions: Rats, Monkeys & Roosters another wedding
Not compatible: Dogs & Rabbits

Auspicious Unions: Oxen & Roosters
Not compatible: Pigs & Tigers

Auspicious Unions: Tigers, Goats & Dogs
Incompatible: Rats & Oxen

Auspicious Unions: Rabbits, Horses & Boars
Incompatible: Oxen & Goats

Auspicious Unions: Rats, Snakes & Dragons another wedding
Incompatible: Tigers & Pigs

Auspicious unions: Oxen, Dragons & Snakes
Incompatible: Dogs & Golden Hens

Auspicious unions: Tigers, Bunnies & Horses
Incompatible: Dragons, Roosters & Oxen

Auspicious unions: Goats, Rabbits & Tigers
Incompatible: Monkeys, Snakes & Pig

NOTE: If you did not see your comibination mentioned, dont' worry, everything is OK!
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