TIGERS 病符 凶神 陌越 六合 Mystical maiden of the 9the Heaven
病符凶神入宮 The evil sickness god enters your palace
勿入病人家 勿食喪物 Don't eat any food at or from funerals
身體不安 Your body will be ill at ease
謀事不成就 願守舊業 Just stay with your old profession and everything will be alright
宜制化即安 事事如意。 注意小心保護身體。 若犯者 用病符符與藥方治者 快癒也。 Pay attention and protect your body. If you get sick, you will find that no medicine will work. To make it work, take the Sickness talisman, transform it into water and take the medicine with it, then you will heal quickly. Note that for greatest effect, one should use a consecrated urn, devoted to
九天玄女 heavenly god fu the Mystical Lady of the Ninth Heaven along with candles, fruit offerings, tea and liquor.


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